ARC Dance workshops focus on inclusion without compromise

Arc Dance workshops are for everyone. We believe everyone can benefit from participation – whether they are interested in dance or not. Working from this principle, we rapidly adapt our workshops to accommodate the abilities of any group.


A great example of how each performer’s unique contribution can be moulded into one unified piece. Our students have benefited from seeing a range of professional dance performances. The style of choreography, performer interaction, music and use of apparatus in this performance added to the previous practice they are able to draw on in their own devising.

It was a fantastic morning. It was such a wonderful opportunity to be involved in inclusive dance. Our learners really enjoyed themselves. For some of them it was a very emotional and moving experience. I think dance is a very powerful medium of expression!

The performance was beautiful and inspiring. The pupils were mesmerised

Exciting and adventurous for our pupils. Confidence building. Wonderful

All learners found the workshop thoroughly enjoyable. They were engaged at all times and loved being able to work with the dancers and set. Suzie and the rest of ARC were enthusiastic, friendly and approachable. They made everyone feel comfortable and the workshop was fully accessible to all the levels of learners.

Even now I still feel the emotional impact of your visit. It was truly sensational and I believe created lasting impact on all of us! Thank you.